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Adult Parkour

At American Parkour, our mission is to safely introduce and teach you the discipline of parkour by training your body and mind to overcome obstacles both physically and mentally.

Our class curriculum begins with our 4-Week Intro to Parkour Foundations Course where we will teach you the basic movements such as landing, rolling, vaulting and climbing in a safe and controlled environment. After completing our Foundations Course, you will graduate to a Level 1 student. From there, you control your own destiny and will have the opportunity to excel to the next levels through our LACE Up! (Level Assessment Challenge Exam) testing model. The highest level of achievement is our Level 4 program that focuses on the art of Freerunning and Flow. You could call it the art of play.

Ready to begin your journey? Click on "Intro to Parkour Foundations Course" below, register for one of our upcoming courses and we'll see you in the gym.

Intro to Parkour Foundations Course $90Purchase required to enroll

No Experience Necessary! From day one you’ll be moving over, across, under and through various obstacles. Through this 4-week course, you’ll be safely introduced to the basic movements of parkour such as landing, rolling, vaulting and climbing, all while naturally building strength, speed, stamina and balance in a controlled environment.

Saturday Flips $20 per classPlans available from $70Purchase required to enroll

Adult Beginner Class $20 per class$99No purchase required to enroll